In the North Sea, outside Stavanger Norway, lies BP´s oil platform Valhall. VEAB has delivered almost 300 duct heaters to the platform.

Valhall consists of five different platforms with modules for living quarters, drilling and production. In 2008 a redevelopment project was started to upgrade a number of the platforms. The project included amongst others a new living quarters and new modern production platforms.

VEAB has through our customer SLP Engineering Ltd delivered close to 300 duct heaters to the project. 190 of them are circular electric duct heaters, CV-MTU, with built-in control equipment. These are installed in the 180 cabins in the living quarters. The remaning 93 are rectangular electric duct heaters, VFLPG-MTEM, with casing of stainless steel and with built-in control equipment. They are installed in offices and other public areas.

SLP Engineering Ltd choose VEAB for two strong reasons:

  • our flexible manufacturing concept enabling customizing of products beyond the ordinary
  • access to our extensive technical know-how and support in every stage of a project.


The Citytunnel is a 17 km long electrified railroad connection where 6 km run beneath the central parts of Malmö. Along with the new railroad a subterranean station has been built underneath Malmö Centralstation as well as two brand-new stations along the track - Triangeln and Hyllie.

Through our business partner Sydtotal we have delivered several CV-MTXL in different sizes. Sydtotal has among other things been responsible for providing the brand-new stations with supply- and exhaust air as well as cooling.

The Citytunnel connects Malmö Centralstation with the region and the Öresundsbro (the bridge between Sweden and Denmark) to increase the trackbound traffic.
The idea of a tunnel in central Malmö connecting Sweden with Copenhagen and Denmark via the Öresundsbro was first formed in 1990. The Citytunnel project is a multimiliard investment and five yeras after the first cut with a spade the project is finished this December.

VEAB circular duct heater CV-MTXL for 0...10V control signal has a built-in relay with potential-free alarm that e.g indicates loss of power supply. The CV conforms to air tightness class C to EN 1751. Air tightness class C ensures that the heated air will reach its destination and not leak out of the ventilation system.

kristianstad arena

In the middle of October (2010) the Kristianstad Arena - a new multi-use arena for sports, concerts, fairs, etc will be opened. In January 2011, the Handball World Championship will take place in Sweden, and several of the final round of games, among them one of the semi-finals, will be played in the new arena.

Skanska Inneklimat chose products from VEAB to ensure a good indoor climate. The order includes more than twenty channel heaters and coolers, both the standard CWK versions and customized WHS and WCS with accessories.

The new arena has an area of 12 000m² distributed over three stories. The new arena shares a wall with the existing sports centre, and the total area is 21 000m².
The new large hall in the arena can seat between 4 500 and 5 000 persons. The new sports complex has two restaurants with 420 seats, several small shops and mobile points of sale as well as six VIP-boxes.


Jitech AB in Tingsryd is a contract manufacturer for products and components to clients in the areas of mining, heavy plant, food processing, ventilation technology, etc. The Jitech paint workshop, assembly plant and stores, cover 15 000m², and is rented from the Tingsryd Industrial Foundation.

The plant is characterized by having a highly developed energy efficiency. Among other things, the process baths for surface treatment are heated with bio-fuel based district heating, and excess heat from compressors and paint ovens is re-used. Ventilation and lighting is adaptable.
The VEAB wall-mounted fan heaters for hot water were chosen in order to achieve an energy efficient heating of the plant. All-in-all, 23 AW units have been installed. Most of these have built-in control units for automatic control according to heating needs.

Tony Söderena at Bravida says this about choosing AW from VEAB:
"I think that the VEAB range of fan heater products are good value for money, are of good quality, and they provide complete solutions for the clients' needs. The products were well packed in order to reduce shipping damages, the service was good when I had to contact them, and deliveries have worked perfectly."

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