Outside the city of Ras al Khaimah, U.A.E. there is a luxurious hotel called DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island. VEAB has supplied a total amount of 240 electrical heaters of the type VTL to this hotel via our customer Independent Technical Solutions L.L.C, Dubai.

With a beautiful sea view and its ideal location in the calm area out on Marjan Island between the city centres of Ras al Khaimah and Dubai, the hotel is a popular among luxurious tourists and family travelers. The hotel offers temperature-controlled swimming pools, a big luxurious spa equipped with treatment rooms, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and a relaxation lounge. Central heating is possible when needed and separate air conditioning in each room is always an obvious asset for the visitors.

All this comfort can be maintained with the help of our duct heaters which in addition to common area heating also allows the temperature to be individually adjusted in each room within the building. Due to the efficiency of the VTL-heaters the luxury feeling can therefore be maintained to all the guests visiting all areas of the hotel.


Through our client InventiAir, we have delivered over 200 CV-P och CV-M circular duct heaters to the newly built Västermalms Atrium in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm.

In addition to common district heating, our duct heaters allow the temperature to be individually adjusted in each flat within the building. CV-P is designed for airflow speeds of up to 0.5 m/s, which are often present in modern energy-efficient buildings. Duct heaters heat the incoming air in the open-plan living rooms via an air inlet in the floor at the façade.

Västermalms Atrium consists of two buildings with approximately 160 flats covering 20,000 m2. Skanska, the construction company, has focused on energy-efficient solutions such as charging stations for electric cars, low-flow taps and showers, energy efficient windows, sedum plants on roofs and the recycling of heat in the heating system.


Robust H. The high temperature causes outgassing of the PCB residue.

Farum Midtpunkt is a residential area located about 20 km north of Copenhagen. It´s famous for its peculiar, terraced houses. These houses were built between 1970 and 1974 using caulk and floor sealants containing PCB. PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) has later been shown to be harmful both to humans and to the environment. Therefore, in Denmark, building materials containing PCB were prohibited already in 1977.

During 2009, control measurements were performed of the houses in Farum Midtpunkt, showing elevated levels of PCB in 295 individual flats caused by PCB-based caulk and floor sealants. During January of 2012, the business firm Enemærke & Petersen a/s begun a clean-up of the affected flats. This is done by heating the flats during 24 days to approximately +65 °C using electrical heaters from VEAB, model Robust H. The high temperature causes outgassing of the PCB residue. At the same time, the air is cleaned using special active carbon filters. The air quality, with regard to ppm concentrations, is monitored continuously to ensure good living conditions.

Quality and reliability are deciding factors
The decision of Enemærke & Petersen a/s to use 120 VEAB Robust H units was based on the high quality and reliability that this heater offers. Since the process must not be interrupted, the heaters must be able to maintain a constant, high temperature without any interruptions, over a long period of time. Another reason for this choice was that Robust H heaters can be put into service quickly and can be moved between different flats according to specific needs.

takmonterade flaktar

Before the summer T-Emballages’ new warehouse in Vetlanda, was completed. To heat the 10 000 sq. m, 10 m tall building VEABs’ ceiling-mounted fan heater were chosen. NVS Installation AB has been responsible for the installation, which among other things, included twenty CAW fan heaters for hot water.

Energy efficient
Fan speed and water flow is automatically controlled in different steps. One being an “energy saving function” where the supply of hot water is turned off while the fan pushes the warm air that is stored underneath the ceiling downwards. Due to the height of the ceiling (10 meters), the fans are equipped with extensions ducts this increases the throw and brings down the warm air from underneath the ceiling. During an inspection a temperature check was made. At an outdoor temperature of -12°C the result showed that the temperature difference between the roof and standing height was 0.4°C!

T-Emballage is a company that focuses on packaging for the industry. In its wide range they also have different types of construction material such as waterproofing and shelters to house manufacturers. The new warehouse offers T-Emballage the opportunity to streamline and improve their warehouse and logistics services.

CAW ceiling-mounted fan heters are used for heating entrances, warehouses, industrial premises, workshops, sport halls, garage and shops. Due to its low overall height the CAW can be built into the ceiling. The fans are designed for 230V~ power supply, which makes the installation very simple. The fans have a low sound level and offer reliable operation.

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